A 50-year-old woman’s dream comes true when she gives birth to her first child after years of battling infertility


Coping with infertility is always difficult, especially for those who dream of having a baby. We always think it only happens to other people until we ourselves can get pregnant.

An American couple faced this problem and they faced not one but three infertility problems. After more than 10 years of fighting for a child, they finally achieved their dream at the age of 50 and 61.

Susie and Toni Troxler got married in 2008. The couple really wanted kids, and it took them a while to figure out that baby trials didn’t work.

When they got married, at first they didn’t realize there was a problem with infertility because they worked and were very busy. After 8 years of trying to get pregnant without medical help, they decided to turn to MAP (medicated reproduction).

Susie Troxler visited her gynecologist, who suggested that she might have fibroids. And she was right: her patient had „a lot of fibroids“, but not only. She also had endometriosis.

While this has already greatly reduced her chances of having a child naturally, the couple discover that Tony also has health issues affecting his fertility. They asked about methods they might try to conceive and asked their doctor to be honest with them.

In January 2019, Susie Troxler underwent surgery to remove fibroids. Doctors tried to fertilize them in the laboratory. No insemination worked…

So the egg retrieval started again. After the embryo was created, it was implanted into Susie’s uterus. But the implant didn’t work either. That’s when the pandemic came and everything was put on hold for a while.

After all this, Tony and Susie Troxler were left with only a viable embryo. One and last chance to have a baby. “This shouldn’t have happened.

There should not have been a child, ”says the American. However, with her husband, they tried to find a positive. Although they were sure it wouldn’t work, they still decided to implant the last embryo just in case. And they were right: the implementation was a success!

Thus, on September 29, 2021, they became the parents of a little girl named Lily for the first time. „It’s worth it. I cherish the time when the three of us spend the morning when I sit, rock her, and she looks at me with her big bright eyes, ”says the mother.

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