This cute dog can’t stop hugging his owner after a grueling surgery


Dogs are probably the most loving creatures in our world, and when they show us how much they love us, it can be a very special moment.

The bond created between man and dog lasts a lifetime, sometimes even through ups and downs. Sometimes our beloved pets go through difficult times, and this further strengthens our love for them.

This very touching video is just one of many examples of how we can get closer to our four-legged friends and how much they give us their unconditional love.

We will never be able to understand how someone could harm such gentle and sweet creatures, but nevertheless, there are those who still mistreat these faithful, loyal and loving animals.

But this dog has nothing to fear, because he has already found the best person in the world.

After surgery to remove a lump on his neck, this golden retriever missed his father a lot, and his emotions are something very sweet.

The poor man could be lonely or confused, unsure that what was happening was meant to save his life, but at the same time being away from his master would be the worst part of his life.

When these two are together, this is one of the most touching videos we’ve ever seen.

You may need to keep a few tissues handy, especially when you see the look on a Labrador’s face that says, „Don’t leave me again, daddy!“

The camera pans to the surgeons recently done on the neck of this sweet dog. As painful as it may seem, the dog is now making a full recovery thanks to these veterinary heroes who always keep our pets with us for as long as possible.

We all know that one day our pets will disappear, but it’s nice to know that there are people who care about the quality of life of our pets when they are with us!

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