Found puppy was in a coma, but miraculously recovered thanks to the love and support of rescuers


One winter night, several people saw something strange like a cardboard box.

They decided to see what was there and saw a small puppy there. He looked very weak and was in a half-dead state.

He was so cold and hardly moved that people thought he was dead. But one of them suddenly noticed that the puppy was breathing.

People took him to a local shelter and said he was in a coma.

The kind-hearted staff of the shelter did everything to save his life. And on February 14 – Valentine’s Day, a miracle happened.

He woke up, and there he was given round-the-clock assistance, a catheter was put in, but he was still very weak.

He eventually got through physical therapy and was able to open his eyes and lift his head unaided. The owner said they were lucky to have this special dog that made them happy.

To them, he was a sweet, loving dog with lots of energy who loved to run and play outside and live the life he always wanted.

Their family would not be complete without him, he loves them because it was their love and support that saved him.

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