8 years on a chain: dog can’t believe she has a soft bed


At eight years old, Stevie still looks like a puppy, with short swollen legs, a round muzzle and a constantly wagging tail. All because he is finally free: he has a house with a garden, his own soft bed and a caring hostess.

All his life, the poor dog sat in the backyard of the house on a short chain. He never had a soft bed, he never ran through the snowdrifts and he never met other dogs.

Looks like he was chained up like a puppy. He still has childlike round legs and too small a body for such a big head. The path was not easy: when they found him, he was in a terrible state. At first the dog was blind in both eyes.

Her hair thinned out, fleas inhabited her remains, and worms took a fancy to her stomach. Add to this the psychological problems of a dog that has never lived in a house, has never had close relationships with people.

But the orphanage took care of him. Got rid of fleas, got rid of worms, proper nutrition helped the dog get a new shiny coat.

The troubles did not end there, because the ultrasound showed that the long-suffering dog had a corncob stuck in the stomach. I had to put the poor boy on the operating table – and only then, after recovery, he went to a new home.

Erin says Stevie growled and barked at the carrier all the way home. When the animal was brought into the house and the door opened, it did not want to leave immediately, and Erin did not help him – she did not know what to expect from a newcomer. But the dog believed the new mistress.

It’s like he’s back to his childhood again. The dog lived all those moments that he was deprived of in childhood: the first soft sofa, the first walk in the snow, a treat from the master’s table.

When he got his own soft bed, he couldn’t believe it was his, only his. Erin never ceases to be amazed at how smart Stevie is.

Although he is blind in both eyes, he confidently makes his way through the barn yard to the house, climbs the steps, jumps on the couch of the hostess and asks for food whenever his favorite cucumbers are on the table.

A blind dog requires much more attention – if he gets lost, he will not be able to find his way home on his own. It’s good to have reliable neighbors!

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