Rescued blind stray dog sees owners for the first time – it’s incredibly touching!


Every stray animal should be given a second chance at life.

This is Olivia, a black Cocker Spaniel, she was one of those puppies who had health issues and was from a shelter, but she was lucky enough to meet a loving family like Holly Emirson who fell in love with her at first sight.

Olivia was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles, found with severe cataracts in both eyes. Holly decided to raise money to pay for Olivia’s vision restoration procedure, but it took some time.

She filmed a video of her going to the vet to pick up her dog, but she didn’t know what to expect, after all, Olivia had been blind for the past three years.

After three years of relative darkness, Olivia came out of the vets wide-eyed and very aroused, seeing Holly and her husband Bart for the first time.

Her tail never stops wagging!

Jumping up to get a better look at her owners, Olivia couldn’t help but be glad to see her again, but her attention quickly shifts from her much-loved owners to the traffic outside.

Holly said that it was such an incredible moment when they saw her so alert and staring into their eyes. This is amazing! She and Bart were crying, it was such an emotional moment for all of them.

She was obviously overwhelmed when she saw the world for the first time, when we took her home, she just stared out the window and sat there for ages, couldn’t get enough of it.

When Olivia was rescued, veterinarians discovered and diagnosed severe cataracts in both eyes, rendering her virtually blind and requiring immediate surgery.

The operation cost over $5,000, and Holly and Bart kept in touch with the team that found Olivia to help raise the necessary funds for medical bills.

Holly said that with a lot of help from family, friends and WCCR, they were able to raise the required amount for Olivia’s surgery.

Olivia is an amazing example that no obstacle should stop you from enjoying life and we hope her story can inspire people to look at life the same way! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

Watch the video below:

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