The story of dog loyalty: a friend did not leave a single step from a paralyzed dog


One day, Animal Rescue received a call about two stray dogs in a park that were tied up with a rope. One of them was seriously injured.

When the rescuers saw the dog, he was lying motionless on the ground, and the assistant dog was sitting next to her, refusing to move away from her friend.

By the behavior of the dog, it was noticeable that she was very worried about the injured friend – before the arrival of help, she constantly walked around the injured dog, and when the rescuers arrived, she sat next to her and carefully watched everything.

It is not clear what exactly happened to the animals, but it is clear from the injuries that the badly injured dog was treated badly.

She had numerous bruises and broken bones from beatings with a blunt object. The second was frightened, but there were no injuries.

Rescuers carefully wrapped the dog in a blanket, carried him to the car and rushed her and her faithful friend to the clinic.

Even in the clinic, the dog did not leave the injured friend and constantly watched the actions of the veterinarians. Apparently, she wanted to make sure that everything would be fine with her friend.

The wounded dog was named Franny, and her friend Fanny. A few weeks after the rescue, Franny was still in a terrible condition and could not walk.

But the veterinarians and the rescue organization did not give up and continued to fight for the life of the dog. They worked together every day, doing spinal surgery. After several months of persistent therapy, the dog began to move its paws.

In the end, Franny, with the help of the man, was already able to stand up. Day by day she became stronger and today she can walk. She had to learn everything all over again!

Fully recovered, she and her friend Fanny began to look for a new family for themselves to live a happy life. They were both very good, so we didn’t have to wait long.

Take a look at this incredible story of two girlfriends:

It’s good when stories like this end well. But it is sad that the animals had to go through a terrible time before finding a real family.

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