Two puppies attacked by a wild animal survived thanks to caring rescuers


This incident took place in India. Both dogs were attacked by an unknown wild animal. But now they survive and fight for their lives.

Both puppies tried to defend themselves, they survived the attack of some animal and received deep wounds. It has been suggested that this was the act of some feline animal.

The villages of this country are surrounded by wild animals and it was very dangerous for them. Wild animals often leave the reserve in search of food.

They brutally prey on large livestock and in many cases even dogs, which is why animals in the area can be seen with a yellow ointment that protects them to some extent until rescuers come to the rescue.

Both dogs were seriously injured, one could not move, and the other suffered neck injuries.

The puppies needed medical intervention to help them fight the infections that were spreading through their bodies.

That’s why he was taken to an orphanage called „Help Animals“ where he cared for and cared for the children. Luckily, after a few days they were playing and jumping again.

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