Abandoned dog after amputation walks again with four prostheses


The prostheses were installed on the legs and arms of a dog named Monika after the operation.

When this poor dog was found, he was alone and needed urgent surgery. To do this, his rescuers organized a fundraiser on the Internet. It was truly touching.

This incident happened in Russia, it was a very rare and expensive operation. But they allowed themselves to do it and fortunately, after the operation, the dog was able to walk again. The dog was found dead. Seeing the dog in this condition, the victim screamed for help, cold and hungry.

No one knows the exact reason for his condition, but there are suggestions that it was the result of someone’s cruelty. He was transferred to one of the best clinics in the Sibyl. A special group of volunteers worked for him.

Doctors fought for 10 days to save him, it was the first time they performed such an operation on a dog. Even after the operation, doctors did not expect him to be able to walk. but, fortunately, the dog was lucky.

Volunteers took care of him for about a year, everything went well. The dog is already walking on his own, will soon return to normal.

Many people learned about him from social networks, and one of them, Casey Carlin, who studied such dogs, decided to adopt him.

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