Retired veteran feeds stray cats and makes money selling scrap metal


Every day, a man named Willy Ortiz would fill his old bus with cat food and hit the road. He was a retired military man who worked as both a driver and a mechanic.

This Good Samaritan stood and fed the stray cats every day. He didn’t even miss a day to help these poor beings who needed help.

His habit began many years ago when he once noticed a hungry stray cat outside his friend’s shop. People didn’t notice him or ignored his cries for help.

Luckily, the man fed the cat and quickly found new groups of stray animals who also needed food.

About 600 dollars were needed to help seventy cats a month. He took care of the health of the animals, paid for their veterinary expenses and took them for vaccinations or spaying. He takes care of their upbringing and adoption.

And to implement all this is quite expensive and long-term. In addition, Ortiz breaks and sells metals, and even bad weather conditions do not interfere with his work.

He earns between $20 and $60 a day collecting scrap metal, transporting it and selling it to recycling companies.

He lovingly accepts donations, but only uses them for cats and their food. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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