The dream of a found cat for her cubs has finally come true


One day, Alley Cat Rescue received a message that people had found a cat with her eight cubs. Rescuers managed to capture all nine cats before they were taken to the shelter.

Animal rights activists say that the cat that came to them was unlikely to be able to feed everyone at once.

She had two more cats of different ages, it was difficult to focus on each of them, because they all needed care.

And one day, the mother cat’s milk ran out, but the rescuers prepared in advance for this day. Then all the kittens were bottle fed.

The cat was very grateful for all the help of people and even began to spend more time with them, expressing his love and gratitude to them.

When the guards returned, he greeted everyone and wanted to get people’s attention. Watching the behavior of the cubs, the rescuers were amazed at how smart they can be.

They monitored the dynamics of their weight and found that one of the kittens had weight problems.

She could not reach the food, and the mother encouraged the child every time she ate. They began to take care of the baby and paid a lot of attention to him. Thanks to them, they were saved from death and now live with a full stomach and happy.

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