Victim puppy abandoned on highway gets sign to remind him he’s worth it


One day a man on the road found a bundle wrapped in a blanket. It turned out that this is a dog that was in such a bad condition that it could not be because of this!

He was left with skin and bones, and the dog was later named Harris.

After finding the poor dog, he was transferred to the Homeless Rescue Service in St. Louis. This dog was not only abandoned, but also cruelly mocked the poor animal.

It’s scary to imagine how people can take such a step. But it is good that there are still people in the world who can help animals that are in serious condition.

Having taken him to the first-aid post, the doctors treated the wounds, gave injections, but at first the dog was unconscious.

Rescuers had to lie down for a while and wait for the animal to finally respond.

They did everything for him so that the dog felt their warmth and felt that he was loved, that he was of great importance to them. One of the shelter volunteers decided to sleep with him to support him.

It was proof that there are good and bad people in the world.

Fortunately, after a few days, his condition improved and he began to take his own measures.

Rescuers called it a miracle and continued to be proud of it. The dog is now more confident and will soon be ready for adoption.

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