Three kitten brothers endured hardships together and became the most touching example of brotherly friendship


Three kittens are found near the barn by a kind woman. They helped each other through hardships and have been inseparable ever since.

Mel from Montreal helps the vagrants in his neighborhood. Earlier this year, a woman spotted a pregnant cat and started feeding her.

A few weeks later, she again saw this cat, but unfortunately, she had already died. Mel hoped that the cat gave birth safely and hid her kittens somewhere nearby.

So she started looking. After searching the area, she found three Fluffies in a hiding place near the barn.

Very small and hungry, they have just begun to walk. Mel bottle fed them and saved their lives.

By turning to the animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal, the woman provided them with a better future.

The kittens came to them at about four weeks old, all three were boys.

Volunteers took the kittens to their home to bottle feed the babies around the clock, give them all their attention and soft things.

At the overexposure, the kittens gained weight and grew. Coming out of the age of babies, they made friends there with other domestic cats.

From the beginning, there was a special bond between the three brothers.

They always did everything together, as a trio, even when they asked for a person to handle. They even slept together, hugging each other.

Saturnine is the most gentle of the three. If his brothers are not in the same room as him, he immediately starts searching.

Orion is a mischievous, confident and very playful.

He is the initiator of all sorts of antics and the leader of the trinity. Rocket – the strongest seal is able to stand up for himself.

Orion and Rocket go head to head, and Saturnin follows them, not lagging behind.

These three are lucky to have been picked up and are now ready to find a family to live with.

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