Wonderful cat welcomes everyone at the shelter, hoping that someone finally will take him home and give some love


In New York at one of the animal shelters there is a little cat that is 2 years old and is waiting for someone to adopt him.

He is so friendly that welcomes everyone there in hopes to be taken. He is so cute and loves playing so much, always gets attention.

Early in June, when he was brought to the shelter the little one was adopted, but as it appeared that the family was not a perfect one he was returned to shelter again.

The cat’s name in Mayhem. The shelter and the stuff does everything for him to feel happy. They provide him with toys and different kinds of activities to keep him busy.

He is the only owner of a gigantic cat colony, that is filled with cat toys and lots of other staff. He asks for attention by just hitting to the window. He is so smart and intelligent kitten that just loves being around people.

No one is able to ignore him when he wants attention or wants to play.

Out there is surely a person obsessed with cats that will surely by overly happy to have him as a forever companion.

Every day it seems that the cat wants a home. He is so full of love and devotion. We hope that he will find the perfect home for him and live happily ever after.

He is highly active playful, amiable. He loves playing with other animals even dogs. Sending you love and patience dear Mayhem. Love you.

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