A dog rescued from racing was afraid ff love until he met his baby brother


This is Mosley’s story. He is a 4 years old dog that was saved from a dog racing industry. He was soon given home and a new family where at first stage he was not able to get used to love and attention.

As he always lived in a place where he was always surrounded with lots of dogs. Mosley didn’t know how to respond to human love and devotion.

When they first got him it was really hard work for them to make him comfortable around them, as he had his lines. After some years he became very comfy and calm.

And when his human mother became pregnant the 8 years old dog became even more attentive and lovable.

Mosley was so amazing with his mommy at the end of the pregnancy. The baby boy was born last week and the dog was so good with him.

He had nothing but love for him. At first he was very interested but he knew how to keep distance.

The parents now lock the kittens out of the room at night, but Mosley is allowed in with a great trust.

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