Poor bear finally freed from 9 years in ‘torture vest’ sees water for the first time in his life


Lots of people very often think that that all the animals are their pets.

Of course there are some species of animals that we can take to our house and give them a happy life, by just offering them a roof over their head, love and all the care to lead a happiest life.

However, the thought of owning them is far away from being normal. Especially when it comes to wild animals they need to be in freedom.

But still there are people who think that its okay to exploit animals and reject their right of free life.

Some people go against all rules and regulations just to make their business work. It’s not important weather they are zoos, circus or other private organizations all this in one word we can call, exploitation.

Meet Tuffy, a bear from our today’s story. He was kept in captivity for long years being in a bear bile. This is a harsh place where bears are used only for their bile, that is used in some Chinese medications .

He hasn’t seen water in his whole life and when being freed he finally touches water for the first time. Just go watch at his reaction.

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