Sweet little kitten found during hot weather in backyard is now living her best life in a foster home


When life takes a new change it happens to be one of the best things in our life. We can never imagine when that good change will take place but that time will come for sure.

So happened in the case of the cat of our today’s story. So a kind man saved it from a terribly hot place. The poor baby was left under a 100 degrees all alone by herself.

Her mother and other babies disappeared so the poor one was all alone. Luckily someone noticed it and called a shelter and they immediately rushed to help. The little one needed bottle feeding all around the day.

During the first day she was hissing and not letting anyone to touch her. But then when she got cleaned up and fed she warmed up to the new people and arrangements around her. She was such an incredible kitten.

As the little one was needing all day long care and attention and someone who would carry bottle for her all day long the shelter staff knew exactly whom she needed.

Hayley the foster mommy. And she shared that when she first met the little one she knew for sure she will take her home.

Hayley placed the kitten into her pocket and it seemed that the baby was very satisfied being there. She loved that pocked and the idea that she could hear her foster mom’s heartbeat from there.

All her hisses and doubts had changed when she woke up in the morning to find out that the woman was there to take care of her.

Hayley gave her the most incredible name Lavender and was doing her best that the baby was good taken care of. She was taking her to work to make sure she is feeding her according to that feeding schedule.

And to ensure that she is loved. Lavender is making so much joy for her foster mom during every day, from the very moment she wakes up until the night time when she purrs herself to sleep.

Lavender has made a stable changes in her weight and she is doing a great job.

Around her mommy she becomes the most confident and loving kitten she loves learning new things about her surroundings and paying lots of attention to her foster mother.

She is growing to be a great gray kitten, lovable and so amazing. But for now she enjoys her time having her people always going around her.

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