This elephant with lame leg that was forced to work is eventually free from fear


Kabu the elephant has not had a simple life. She was harmed a calf, yet compelled to work for the unlawful logging exchange in spite of a weak leg.

Her situation came to the consideration of Lek Chailert, organizer behind Save Elephant Foundation. After seeing Kabu’s condition, Lek set off on a mission to see as her.

The weak elephant worked extremely high in the mountains in Thailand and when Lek saw her she could see the trepidation and disarray in the elephant’s eyes.

Kabu got injured as a child when she had to trail behind her mom, who was sorting out pulling logs of the woodland. Her leg became harmed when a log moved down the slope and squashed it.

It didn’t recuperate as expected, however she was as yet compelled to work.Lek figured out how to arrange Kabu’s opportunity, and before long plans were in progress to take her back to the Elephant Nature Park.

„With a weeks worth of arrangements and 2 days spent looking through the wilderness we had the option to safeguard Kabu the elephant,“ The Elephant Nature Park composes.

„It was a 24 hour full circle to get Kabu from Tak region West Thailand to Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai.

Presently Kabu has a new beginning where she will at this point not be mishandled. We and volunteers are extremely glad for this safeguarded elephant and respected to furnish her with another life.“

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