Caring mom and dad determined to build their 7-month-old baby a custom wheelchair


This wonderful parents built a custom wheelchair for their 7 months old baby daughter Evelyn, after they decided they couldn’t wait for one. They watched an online tutorial and it cost them around 100$.

When Evelyn was just a 4 month old little baby doctors diagnosed her with spinal tumor and it was with neuroblastoma. This disease left her paralyzed below her arms. Luckily she finally went into remission.

The doctors told them to wait until the girl was 2 years old and then she will have her own wheelchair. But as they didn’t want to wait now they have a speed bump at their place.

With her wheelchair she is fearless. After using it some time Evelyn finally learned how to use it properly and felt way more confident with it.

She is visiting doctors constantly and saying hi to other kids. Evelyn has no difference from others she is just faster.

Few times a week Evelyn has special health habits that she follows and they help her feel more healthy and improve her immune system. Her parents give all they have for Evelyn to become better.

No matter how many challenges they face, all they care about is that Evelyn is happy and becomes stronger every day.

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