This is Zorro a very stunning daddy cat who has a lookalike baby kitten, Bandit


When we meet a special animal we know that they are the one for us. So meet Boy that was renamed Zorro thanks to his mystical vigilante and his new side-kick kitty, named Bandit.

Indraini has lot sof cats at his place, but this one stole his heart.

Identifying this special cat isn’t really that hard, although we cannot see really who is hiding behind the mask. Boy that is better known as Zorro is now a father.

Zorro has been father to lots of kittens and this particular one has taken his father’s alluring good looks. He as well got a mask and a cap, and for that reason was given the name Bandit that fitted him perfectly well.

It is natural that that they took over the internet almost immediately and were able to win over everybody’s heart. Thanks to their good looking faces they became famous and loved.

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