This 9-year-old caring dog, Sarge, became a caring and loving mother for several orphan fawns


It’s not anything new for you that dogs are the Earth angels. They are so caring, loving and friendly. They are ready to help, to be there for you always. And this refers not only to people but to all other creatures around them.

And this story will prove you that fact. This amazing dog Sarge became a good mom for a number of orphan baby deers.

She takes care of all of them so perfectly well. Her mother Cheryl adopted a few animals for some time and in that number these little adorable fawns.

She is so caring and attentive mother that connected to all of them immediately but especially happened in case of Buckhead

. When they first met Sarge gelt the cute connection between them and became his guardian angel.

She was a typical mother for him. Sarge chased Buckhead wherever he went, they were really connected and loved each other so much.

And she just wanted to make sure that her beloved Buckhead was all good. As time passed and the deer grew up they knew that they should let him go to wild.

At first Sarge was really disappointed and sad, so much that Cheryl even thought that she will never make any fellows.

But as time passed and Cheryl brought new orphaned baby fawns, Sarge immediately attached to them and started caring. It’s just her heart is like that, warm and unique.

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