This journalist tries to keep her calm while her two cats fight behind her during live TV interview


Cat’s never stop amazing us. They are such a cute, very adventurous and amazing creatures, but only one thing that is not good about them is that they do not know what is and is not appropriate.

Cats are the easiest animals to handle. They can be pretty adorable but can become very annoying.

You can ask about that to Bigornia a journalist, who was trying to carry out her live TV interview from home and tried to ignore the fact that her cats were having a big fight behind her.

She had to perform more of her reporting from home and as any pet owner will make sure, it’s impossible to find a nice and quiet workspace at home.

In the video that is viral now all over the internet shows how perfectly the woman dealt with all that chaos.

And the best part is that she never was angry with her cats. They were still her beloved ones and will always be.

She is able even to laugh at the humors going around. After all being a pet parent is an amazing thing, but requires a big deal of job.

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