An overly smart pup sees students using money to buy food so he tries to do the same


We always think that we know dogs really well, but they never stop surprising us. They keep proving us that they are even smarter than we think.

And also they have lived with us for such a long period that they now can easily copy our voices, emoting, and even make financial transactions in exchange for treats.

Meet Negro, a black doggie, who saw student paying and buying staff for themselves and copied them, only he pays with leaves instead of real money.

He is such a clever boy. Negro doesn’t belong to anybody, but he is taken care for by students and the school’s faculty.

They gave him food everyday, he had a shelter to sleep, and also he got everyday dose of scratches and belly rubs. However he was being given enough food to eat, he decided to take the matters into his own hands.

He took leaves from a tree as green as dollar and went to the store with a wagging tail. It might look silly, but for that dog it was quite a smart decision.

He knew how to do that, he wanted some delicious cookies and he went for them. Of course the shop’s attendant was really shocked but she gave him all he wanted.

She mentioned that the dog comes for cookies every day and they give it to him. But for everyone to be convenient they didn’t give him like infinite amount of cookies.

The assistant knew how to control everything and for the trees not to be bare.

These dog is learning new things at the collage as well as the students.

And observing their way of development is always interesting and funny. If you love animals and especially dogs then go check out he video below to see one of the smartest dogs.

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