Deserted pup found in coma makes miraculous recovery thanks to kind people


Abandoning a dog is one of the most awful things that can people do. Witnesses thought that he was dead, but then a miracle happened.

When people noticed the box by the trash bin they got closer to see what was in it. It was when they saw the little freezed puppy, in the box all alone and hopeless.

At first they thought that the little one was dead, but then they noticed that it was just so freezed that couldn’t even move. Luckily they felt that the pup was breathing.

Vets found out that the pup was in coma when he was out in the street. He was taken to a no-kill animal rescue shelter where he was kept and taken care of.

He was very well taken care of. He was really weak, and was not responding to the calls at CARA. He was in a warm and comfortable place.

He went home with some good people from CARA. He needed 2 months of bottle-feeding, and also it was difficult for him to stand up. Thanks to physiotherapy that he got, he started to open his eyes slowly and stand by himself.

His new family is so happy to have him around. They really feel so blessed that they got to have their little Francis with them all day long. He is the little star of their family.

Francis is such an energetic and lovable pup. he loves people so much because it was thanks to kind people that he was saved.

We hope that every stray animal will find their home and that they will be amazingly happy and valued.

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