Meet the pup who steals the show during the wedding after being chosen as best man and looking amazingly cute


Wedding and marriage is one of the most important things that happen in our life. We never know when it will happen but that day should be unforgettable.

MIke and Emily, recently exchanged vows in front of their family and friends. With them was also their dog Inko, who was in the center of attention during whole day.

Puppy is 3 years old and was their cutest best man. He was wearing a gray tuxedo and it made him look so sweet and amazing. He was the nicest boy.

So Mike said that nobody but him could have been their ring carer as he is their best friend and family member.

The family was so excited that the doggies was there with them during that amazing day. When it got too noisy at the wedding they took pup home so that he wouldn’t be bothered by loud music and other activities.

Emily and Mike say that the wedding was amazing, and Inko was just a great boy. All they heard was that Inko was such a talented and good boy.

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