Fishers find turtle floating on the water with barnacles all over his body


He was wrapped in barnacles, but they were picked out one by one. In the last week, fishing boats off the coast of Tasmania discovered something unusual: a large sea turtle in urgent need of support.

He was a big guy, about 220 lbs, but he was sluggish. He can not even drench himself in water and was surrounded in barnacles, indicating he’d been sick for some time.

“Sea turtles are very seldom noticed in Tasmanian waters, and this particular one was clearly in poor health,” wrote the Marine Conservation Program , a government organization that came to the turtle’s recovery after fishers caught him and brought him to get aid.

According to MCP, the turtle was temporarily housed at a fish market overnight before being transported for a veterinary examination the next day.

X-rays were performed on him to determine whether he had consumed any fishing gear or plastic. According to MCP, loggerhead turtles frequently consume plastic bags after mistaking them for jellyfish.

Fortunately, this particular turtle avoided these perils.Rescuers gave him some strengthening fluids and removed the barnacles one by one.

MCP will figure out what’s next for him once he appears to be getting better.But for the time being, he’s resting.

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