Cute and emotional time, sad mother comes running to kiss her pup as the little one gets adopted


When we choose to adopt a dog from a savior center or rescue organization, we are doing a brilliant thing for homeless animals all over the world.

But, we rarely consider the feelings of a mom pup as her puppies are adopted one by one.

Our feelings were deeply touched recently when we saw a mother dog in China run into the road to give her puppy one last cuddle before sending the puppy off with its new owner.

Henan province students were taking care of the mother dog, when she was pregnant. She gave birth to seven little pups, which was unquestionably a priceless gift for her.

As a result, when the puppies were ready to be adopted, their mother was devastated.

She had no choice but to say good-by to her puppies since she knew it was the best thing for them. She went out to say her final goodbye to her last pup. It’s a genuine moment shared by the 2.

As seen in the video, the small puppy was lowered to its mommy, who licked its face and cuddled it goodbye. The owner promised to take good care of it.

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