A man showed up at a friend’s wedding and found out that the bride was his girlfriend: it turns out that…


A Welshman found himself in an unusual situation. For years, Paul,has tried in vain to persuade his sweet girl to marry him. Alisha is the individual.

Alisha said that he tried everything he’s done thirty times every day for the past 2 years. He even had a sign that said, “Will you marry me?” as she passed by.

Alisha is a busy woman who has been married 2 times before. She is studying huma management while also to running 2 tire stores. But everything changed on that fateful day.

Paul was invited to a friend’s wedding as best man. He was sure that he had visited his friends Kevin and Heidi’s vow renewal celebration, but then something had gone terribly wrong.

Alisha appeared out of nowhere wearing a white gown and asked, “Would you marry me?” Paul was asked by Alisha. He was puzzled. He responded, “No,” and walked away.

The lack of certainty is understandable given that he came to marry friends and that the marriage ceremony turned out to be a sham, as well as the unexpected nature of the proposal.

It could have finished there, but he recognized the situation, returned, kissed Alisha, and agreed. Paul was proud of himself for working so hard! He didn’t believe his future wife was capable of doing everything.

But what if a woman is powerful and decides when to marry rather than succumbing to peer pressure? I wish them the best of luck!

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