This young woman’s voice is so angelic and pretty that she wins the Golden Buzzer


She has a lovely voice and a made of gold heart. Remember Lily Meola. This girl once had everything. Lily is a performer and musician from Hawaii, who was having a “insane dream.”

She was consented to sign to a major name and even went on visits with Willie Nelson. Then she joined others in front of an audience.

Meola’s melodic preferences incorporate Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Billie Occasion, Straightforward Sinatra, Feline Stevens, and James Taylor.Standing before one of the adjudicators, Howie Mandel.

Her unique melody, “Fantasies,” has developed after some time. It was composed when everything was working out positively for her, remembering a promising future for music since she had the help of everybody.

“I composed it when everything was totally gorgeous and I was fundamentally experiencing my fantasy,” I made sense of, alluding to my record manage a significant mark.

I had a distributing bargain. I was laying eggs for butterflies. It was captivating. So that is where it began.”

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