Meet this unique kid who will always be as tiny as a doll… Read about how she lives…


We present you with this small beauty presently. She is sat in a pushchair, so at first glimpse she appears normal, but as you get nearer, you notice she is a medium-sized doll, not a baby.

Abigail, the infant, was born with an exceptionally rare dwarf egg. Sadly, the girl was above the scope of modern medicine.

Even after having a two-year-old sister and being the size of a two-year-old, she seems enormous in contrast.

The young girl had a custom cabinet made for her to shop her dolls and other household items and live a more nice lifestyle.

Scientists believe that as the girl gets older, she would be capable of leading a normal life. She would finally be able to walk, speak, study, and find a job that suited her abilities.

The parents hoped that physician would finally find a way to help their baby.

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