Caring father runs to the stage in the middle of his baby girl’s performance and watch what happens


Mark Daniels became a household name and saved his daughter through this touching act.In the parenting community, Mark Daniels has risen to prominence overnight.

Many were moved by his extraordinary love for his daughter.But exactly what brought about these emotions in people?

At the dress rehearsal, his daughter seemed a little overwhelmed.Daniels’ two-year-old daughter was having trouble.

Isabella struggled with stage fright.While curled up on the floor rather than dancing with her friends, Isabella wept.Her father made an unsuccessful attempt to console her off stage.

The corpulent Bermuda lawyer Daniels was unprepared to deal with a collapse on stage.He was conscious of the need for additional action.

Father saves the day.He decided that he needed to go see his young daughter, so he did.

Daniels found the irritated daughter among the tiny ballerinas.In order to help his daughter feel more at ease on stage, Dad even began performing dance routines.

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