On a sea beach, a random lady with an indescribable voice spontaneously starts singing


There is always music playing on the shore, whether it is from a BlueTooth speaker playing hip-hop or country music or from an occasional guitarist strumming notes that are easy to recognize.

At this beach close to Miami, Grandma’s birthday was celebrated with distinctive music.

To celebrate their grandmother’s birthday, the family decided to host a full mariachi band on the beach.She adores the chanting of the waves as they pound the coast.

Younger girl Anelina Talavera enters the scene to cheer and record some impromptu shots for her upcoming music video.She had no idea that one day she would stumble upon her very own internet craze!

Anelina Talavera emerges from the small beach crowd when the lead singer of the Mariachi group inquires as to whether anyone is singing.She begins by singing the pop sensation Selena’s “Como la Flor.”

The beachgoers are applauding this performance.

The conclusion is planned out by the group leader, and everyone ends on the same note.At the conclusion of this birthday message, a different young girl takes the microphone and sings several Disney songs to her grandmother.

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