Meet Ann and John, who have been married for over 85 years, came to share the secrets of long lasting love!


Since November 25, 1932, a long time had gone. It had only been years since the end of WWI.The Us was in the grip of the Great Depression, and Franklin Roosevelt had just been elected President.

An ounce of gold as well as some transformation would cost $21. It is also the wedding anniversary of Ann and John Betar.

They grew up in Bridgeport, in a close-knit Syrian society, and decided to fly to New York for the secret wedding, disobeying her family’s intentions to marry her off with a much older man.

It’s quite remarkable that they are still married after 85 years! He is 106 years old, while she is 102. Theirs is one of the lengthiest marriages in history, and they’ve been named the durability champions of the U. S..

“They said it would not last,” John funnily noted. Ann and John have a lot of experience with relationship. They’ve appeared on TV and even given marriage advice on Twitter.

Understanding and accepting their flaws has been critical. It’s also important to avoid battles and hold grudges:
“It’s all about meals,” John said, “it’s the only disagreement we had.” “See?” Ann chimed in.

That is precisely what he thinks! “The food is everything.” It also aids to have a great sense of humor.

Relationship also plays a role in the equation: if you get along very well as friends and participate in enjoyable things together, romance seems to be more likely to last.

“For 80 years, relationship isn’t a lovable affair,” Ann adds. You learn to comprehend each other’s style of life, to negotiate deals, to disagree — especially about our children — and to start preparing to raise your kids.

Your kids were the center of attention.” Watch the video at the end for more pearls of knowledge from this excellent team.

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