Meet the biggest snake that ever existed in history which was 13 meters, 1 tonne…


Can you remember a time when you have seen a snake larger than anaconda? When faced with one, the mere idea of facing such a gigantic snake is harrowing.

Titanoboa cerrejonesis was found by a group of North American scientists led by Jason Head of the University of Toronto.

It’s the most current remnants to arise from Colombia, as well as one of the world’s biggest  open-pit mining areas and a surprising lottery win of old lizard fossils.

Titanoboa was a huge animal as well. By using size proportions of a stone snake and an anaconda as a guidance, Head estimated Titanoboa weighed more than 1.3 tons.

That’s more than thirty times the amount of the world’s biggest living animal, the anaconda.

Titanoboa was more than just the largest snake in the backstory, based on its impressive measurements.

It was also the greatest country mammal after the dinosaurs went extinct out.

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