A 100-year-old world veteran falls in love with a 102-year-old beautiful woman and the immediately decided to…


A couple meets, is in love, and marries in trial just a few months later. It’s a familiar story, besides the protagonists aren’t a starry-eyed young married couple this time.

Conversely, there are 2 elderly people, both of whom are more than 100 years old. John and Phyllis Cook live at the Kingston Residence in Sylvania, Ohio.

They encountered and developed a close companionship because their apartments were only a floor away. “To be honest, we fell in love with each other,” Phyllis, who turns 103 this summer, mentioned.

“I understand why you may think that’s a bit far for someone our years, but we have fallen in love with each other.”

“We were only similar in a number of ways, and we find ourself having a great time,” said John, a 100-year-old WWII military man. They both were widows who had heretofore been previously married.

Their time around each other, however, is not limited to Bingo. “Well, I likely shouldn’t talk about that,” John said when questioned what their favourite pastime to do together was.

Phyllis, on the other hand, was more upfront and honest: “Neither he nor I are sexually dead to the maximum capacity!” Phyllis said. And she said that as a Christian she doesn’t like jumping in bed mefore marriage.

They had no idea they’d be married until they left the court house. “It wasn’t the plan,” John told , “but when we arrived, they said “we could marry you here.”

“I replied, ‘Good, let’s just get it over with,'” he added, as if he couldn’t wait to get married. So John resolved to make her a proper lady, and the two of them went to the courthouse to marry.

The couple has many more happy years ahead of them. Phyllis’ mother lived to be 106, so they appear to have some good genes fighting for them despite their age.

It’s a story about how you’re still not too old to start a new love story or a new chapter in your life.

The couple, however, understands the value of private space, and Phyllis guarantees that they will each be given their own space. Why must things be rushed?

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