More than 16 million people have been watching a half-time drill performance by the Texas marching band


How many hours of training they had to put in to accomplish this is beyond extremely impressive performance.The goal of college football games is to have fun.

This is especially true in the Southeastern Conference, where college football takes precedence over even games against the NFL.But these fans aren’t just entertained by the outstanding Division 1 athletes.

A variety of additional entertainers are on hand to provide the crowd with entertainment during the halftime of every game.

Band members and cheerleaders frequently encourage fans to continue supporting the home team.If the game is big enough, you might even see a famous musician or artist rocking out near the fifty-yard line.

Football is very important to Texas A&M University.This level of perfection extends to the other groups that play on the same field as the football teams because they take their sport so seriously.

This is one of those moments that can only be fully appreciated after multiple viewings.You’ll want to see it again and again.And who knows? Maybe you’ll like it so much that you’ll eventually go to a real game!

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