Cutest 2-month-old baby boy says „I love you“ and his mom is the happiest person


A precious mother captures her 8-week-old child saying, „I love you,“ in a moving video.For any parent, hearing their infant speak for the first time is an unforgettable experience.

Most babies can say speech sounds by the sixth month, either for their parents‘ names or just something they want, like a bottle of milk or a toy.

The baby may present a variety of sounds, noises, and even cries that can indicate very different needs, making it challenging to hear these words.

How an 8-week-old baby can repeat after his mother the words „I love you“ shocked many viewers in a recent YouTube video.They were discussing the previous Christmas.

Her mother was enquiring about her well-being and whether she had achieved her goals.It is evident that the infant can comprehend her mother’s words, despite the fact that she does not yet speak.

„I’m glad you had fun,“ the mother said.I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.The infant did not respond, but she smiled beautifully.

Mama values you.Her mother went on to say, „I love you.““I love you,“ the infant declared.Well, it’s hard to tell if that’s what she actually said.

However, if you were to inquire, her mother and the majority of viewers would respond positively.Those words from the infant completely enchanted her parents.

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