Every time I see this commercial I cry! Budweiser Clydesdale puppy love super bowl 2014 ad


It’s pretty to see how this pup and his or her fellow, a wonderful and marvelous Gentle Giant, are fellows. I love how the pups keeps coming over for visits, and the horse always amazes us!Story of precious value.

This marketing and advertising team ought to receive a prise—which they maybe already have.Nonetheless, they know how to spotlight these wonderful pets and convey an exciting story.

The best ever.Beer, canines, horses, and a great deal of affectionI adore it!You could watch it indefinitely.The greatest commercial ever made.I’ve watched it so many times that I can’t keep track.

Additionally, I probably will watch it a million times more.Love is the real focus of this.I’ve never seen a better advertisement.God bless Budweiser and those who made it.

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