Caring rabbit adopted 3 orphaned pups whose mom was shot: it protects them, feeds and warms them up


Margarita from Russia noted a huge hole close to her place. A rabbit climbed from the hole as she approached. Margarita found out that the rabbit had vanished from the farm, which was 3 kilometres from the village.

This rabbit obviously created a hole and resolved near her house. The lady started feeding the rabbit, who eagerly approved the treat.

The rabbit lived in the hole recklessly, and that was sufficient for him. Margarita noted a large pup nearby the hole one freezing day.

She feared for the life of the long-eared. But she was taken aback when she discovered a pup and a rabbit hiding in the same place together. When the lady looked into the hole, she saw small pups.

The woman was more concerned. The animal world has grown. She was already feeding both the rabbit and the pups.

The dog did not appear someday. The woman then discovered she had been killed. Long-eared looked after the pups after the tragic event.

He kept an eye on the pups, not allowing them out of their hole, licked them, and chased away intrigued kittens.The rabbit did not allow the pooches die in the drastic frosts because he kept them warm and protected them from harm.

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