Unique pictures show wonderful fellowship of a bear and a wolf in wild nature of Finland


In the north of Finland the photographer Lassy, caught some touching pictures. Two of the most fabulous predators found in European forests form an unbelievable friendship in the video.

Lassi mentioned, „Nobody can know actually why or how these two became fellows.

„They were both young and might not have known how to live on their own because they were both lonely.They seem safe together, in my opinion.

The photographer has studied Finnish wildlife his entire life.Its objective is to connect humans with nature.

Lassi’s aim with all of his works, such as paintings, articles, and books, is to show and prove humans that nature is the most beautiful and also safest places for them.

He wants us to see the beauty of nature and respect these animales through his impressive work.

Lassi wanted to dispel erroneous myths and emphasize the beauty of Finland’s huge predators in his most recent project.

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