This giant dog eventually gets to go inside his first home ever


A giant St. Bernard was adopted from a sanctuary in Nebraska.This breed is well-known for its enormous size, which can be used as household furniture.However, despite its size, this dog never learned to live in a house.

To begin, it is unable to ascend the stairs.It lacks the ability to ascend or descend a vehicle.It is unfamiliar with treats.He is fortunate to have a caring family who is eager to teach him.

To get Cosmo, Jayne flew all the way to Nebraska from NYC.Cosmo was surrendered without explanation at the shelter where he was taken in.

Cosmo appeared to be a soft giant who adored to lie in the sun and sleep, which was good news for them.In the meantime, Jayne saw the advertisement for the shelter.

Cosmo’s pleading eyes at the camera, she said, convinced her that he was the dog for her and her family. In Nebraska, they first got to know each other.

The not-so-little Cosmo had no idea that this would be the turning point in his life.It became clear as soon as they said their first hellos to each other that they liked each other.

After that, Cosmo and Jane took a drive back to NY, where her family was eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new addition.

At first, Cosmo had a hard time because she didn’t know what a vehicle was or how to get in one.In order for them to move on, they had to carry him.They finally arrived at a large farmhouse after a long journey.

Their yard was really big for all the dogs. A canine like Cosmo would have a wonderful time there. Cosmo got a tour of the house from Jayne so he could get used to his new place.

He even got his own spot in the kitchen in after smelling the furniture and cabinets.He still had lots of things to learn, but luckily, Jayne’s family and their other dogs were willing to help him along the way.

Cosmo was getting used to things after four days.He began engaging in play with the other dogs, where “playing” refers to lying on the ground and attempting to wrestle.

He also knows how to ask for a hug, even when he sometimes acts like a lap dog.Cosmo was getting close to becoming a full-fledged house dog after a few weeks.

He now has amazing skills like asking for food with his chin on the table or going to the bathroom to take a big gulp from the toilet.

Cosmo was living his best life 2 months later.Jayne would persuade her to join him and his new dog siblings on outdoor adventures.He vigorously marched through the beaten paths after splashing down on the nearby rivers.

He would still behave oddly from time to time, such as when he tried to fit in places that weren’t “St. Bernard-sized.”Overall, though.The gentle giant has finally found a place to call home, according to our knowledge.

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