American Idol winner of 7th season David Cook blows minds with his mesmerizing voice


David, “American Idol,” winner published his own song, “Light On,” in 2008.After being included on his album “David Cook,” the RIAA issued the song a Platinum certification.

In the United States, the album generated 2 top 20 songs and sold more than 1m copies.Light On and “Come Back to Me” both reached the Top 20.His other songs also brought him some success.

David had released 3 albums with his high school band prior to his victory on “American Idol.”In 2011 He also released some other songs as well.

He has demonstrated that he is more than just a reality TV singer with his successful albums.

David sings the heartfelt lyrics “Try to leave a light on when I’m gone” in the song “Light On.”Shine on, even in the daylight.Additionally, you can look inside at night.You won’t feel as isolated.’

Throughout the song, David Cook received praise for his impressive vocal range and even reached the top of the Canadian charts.

Numerous formerly unknown singers are now household names thanks to “American Idol.”

Stardom has been reached by singers who have not won the competition.

David Cook won Season 7 of “American Idol” and used his talent to become a success story.

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