An amazing dog waits every day for this girl after school, and their love and friendship has gone viral


Ralph is the one you need to encounter if you had any doubts about how devoted and lovable pups are.Ralph, a stunning doggy from California, has made fellows with a lady who attends the high school nearby.

Despite the fact that they didn’t know each other, he would always be waiting for her and she would pat him from beneath a gap in the gate of Ralph’s house.

The story, which Elisa told, rapidly went viral.People can truly become best buds with dogs. And this is Elisa, a student at the high school close to Ralph’s home.

When they first saw each other at the beginning of the school year, Elisa stated, that at first she was really nervous as she thought that Ralph would bite her as in most cases dogs become aggressive when you go closer to their home.

After a few days, Elisa’s chaps encouraged her to pat him.Although Ralph isn’t always present, Elisa claims that “mostly Ralph waits there to get some warm cuddles and then let Elisa leave.

Ralph licked and pawed her hand when she did. Until December, when she saw a man walking a Golden Retriever and realized it was Ralph and his owner, Elisa had not heard of him in a few months.

She stated, “I told him I go pet him always, and also asked him what his name was, and he told me it was Ralph.”Ralph now has a number of online admirers who all fell in love with him!

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