For almost a month, people just took pictures of this husky lying at the bus stop and passed by


Numerous letters were sent to me regarding this dog.Every person who wrote asked for assistance, to take him to a doctor, and to remove him from the street.

They were all extremely concerned about the dog, but no one wanted to care for him.The dog was a long way away.He had to leave right away, and it took more than two hours in the car to get to him.

As experience demonstrates, it is nearly impossible to locate a dog after such a long period of time in the same location. Dogs frequently contract various diseases in the spring.Ticks begin to take over them.

The risks were also made worse by the sighting of an animal near the road.Everyone who wrote checked to see if the dog was sleeping on the side of the road or simply unable to get up.

Everyone simply snapped a photo and drove on.I went looking for the dog.We had to wait two days to find it. We found out later that the dog had been walking by itself for quite some time.

It was given back to its owners multiple times.However, they never did anything to keep it at home.As a result, the animal was once more returned to the street.

The possibility that the dog had been trapped or hit by a car did not matter to anyone.Having said that, the dog is cute and young, about a year old.

We have so far sent the dog in for an examination; once we have the results, we will treat him for ticks. We reported the dog’s discovery to the police.There is neither a mark nor a chip on the dog.

This indicates that the owners will need to demonstrate that he is their dog in order to get him back.The dog has been with us for more than a day.

We gave him the new name Day during that time.Nobody inquired about him.The owners probably won’t claim him because they don’t need him.

After a second visit to the vet, the dog will be transferred to a holding facility.We are still unsure of what to do with him.We are still awaiting the arrival of the owners.

We will look for a new home for the boy if they do not make themselves known.Day is intelligent and good with other animals, but we don’t know much else about him.We would like to believe that his life will now improve.

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