This naughty pup has been returned to the shelter 4 times: with time she was taken to the K9 unit


Since she was 8 months old, Ruby, a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a border collie, has been brought to the shelter four times.She was deemed „unfit for adoption“ because no family was able to handle her.

The orphanage was of the opinion that it would be morally wrong to give Rubin up for adoption to another family.And afterward they chose to euthanize her.

However, the idea to provide Ruby with a brief respite came from a worker at the shelter named Pat Inman.Inman wanted to give the dog more time to learn how to behave.

„She didn’t have a stop switch,“ Inman wrote in a Facebook post, „she was extremely intelligent, if not even very well-mannered.“For most families, she was too active. »

In order to find out if the Rhode Island State Police would be interested in training a clever puppy for their K-9 unit, Inman contacted them.It’s similar to sending her to a training camp, where she will demonstrate her ability to behave appropriately.

It turns out that Inman knew things well.Ruby requires the rigorous K9 training just the way it is.Dan O’Neill, an officer at the time, desired to join the K9 unit.

O’Neill never had a dog partner and always wanted to join the team.He got Ruby as a result, and they all had a chance to see if they could do well in these new and important roles.

Ruby’s upbringing in the O’Neill family was not ideal.She pooped on the floor in front of O’Neill’s pregnant wife as soon as she was brought into the new residence.

However, Officer O’Neill continued to pursue the dog.It required a great deal of perseverance and effort, as you can see.However, Ruby’s new human partner has taught her some discipline over time.

A teen has vanished from his Gloucester, Rhode Island, home.The two case officers were informed by the teen’s mother that he liked to walk in the woods.As a result, the police spread out to find the boy.

Ruby ran toward the gorge when she smelled a teenager.O’Neill had trouble following her.The dog began licking the teenager’s face when it saw that he was injured and unconscious.

It turns out Ruby tracked down the teen in the nick of time.After his stay in the hospital, the boy was able to fully recover.

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