The kind brazilian man rescued an unknown weak animal: he gave it to its mom


Kindness and selflessness have always had a place in society.Igor Venancio, a Brazilian, was as usual strolling through the park when he noticed a large group of children the other day.

The animal on the ground was enthusiastically examined and discussed.

This baby is here.In this area, monkeys are common residents.They had been seen by Venancio multiple times.Like any wild creature, they fear individuals, yet at the same not hazardous.

Monkeys aren’t very good for living in cities.They are in danger as they wander the city.Thus, the child is in danger!

Venancio immediately noticed an alarmed monkey perched on the tree when he raised his head.He instructed the children to disperse to make room for the infant.

However, the monkey was afraid to descend from the tree.The man then brought the monkey to his mother by himself.

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