Life of this rejected street dog is changed forever, after the time when he interrupts a football game


“Usually, only professional sportsmen are noted in football games showing some tricks with the ball and working as a team to win the game,” but a pup that interfered a game got the attention of all spectators and was adopted by the player who helped him.

During a soccer match between The Strongest and National de Potos at the Hernando Siles stadium in Bolivia, a stranger took center stage.

Due to the sneaker he had stolen from a substitute, a stray pup came to the playing area and caused quite a stir.

The canine, who went by the name “Cachito,” was obviously attempting to show the football players the sporting treasure, but the players tried to stay focused on the game.

A dog disturbs a soccer game.But, due to the pup’s wondering around the field, avoiding the players and referees, which resulted in the game being canceled, the canine was quickly overlooked.

The dog, overjoyed by the attention he had received, decided to lie down on the pitch and happily began gnawing on the shoe.

The pup quickly became the game’s star, and game commentators had to mention how wonderful he was.

Cachito knew he had his moments of fame, and he didn’t want to miss them;instead, he wanted to let everybody know how cheerful he was.

The pup ran around on the ground and got a huge amount of attention when other players attempted to take Cachito.

Cachito then gave local teammate Ral Castro permission to pick him up and carry him off the field so the game could go on.

In addition to captivating football fans, the lovable puppy also served as a lucky charm for the local team.So The Strongest prevailed 3-1 in the game on Christmas Eve.The outcome pleased both Cachito and the audience.

Until a few days later, when a story about the devoted puppy appeared on the internet, no one exactly knew what had actually happened to the night star.

After being struck by a car, Cachito was found severely injured and in the city center. They responded quickly after the man who saw him posted a request for assistance on Facebook.

Mayra, a rescuer from the “Ni Una Patita Menos” pet shelter, arrived on the scene and brought the pup to the shelter for treatment. El Potos heard Mayra say,This person’s message caught our attention.

The child who had posted informed us when we arrived that he had witnessed his being run over and had thrown himself to the ground as a result.He is currently falling asleep.We need veterinarian assistance.

“Thank goodness, another member of The Strongest team saw Cachito’s Facebook message and decided to share it with the goal of finding him a new home.

This is how the player who had taken Cachito off the field, Ral Castro, found out about the tragic news.

The man immediately called the shelter and offered to help the dog;In addition, he paid for all of the vet bills and decided to adopt him.

Cachito became a champion and not only gained a little bit of fame from a soccer game, but he also won the devotion of his adored savior.

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