4-day-old goat baby encounters this 4-month old puppy in this enthusiastic video, their lucky number is 4


Do you remember the first time you met someone new as a child?You just wanted to play with them, and sometimes the right way to do that was a little hard to figure out.

Did you try to play a game immediately, or did you try to ask some questions first?This occurs to every child at some point in their lives.But it isn’t just for people; take a look at how these two young animals meet for the first time.

The pup, who has only been born for four months, is overjoyed to meet this four-day-old goat.However, he has NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH HIM.

It makes sense that the baby goat is cautious because he probably knows how much bigger this puppy is than him.

But for the dog, it’s almost like sensory overload.Things go haywire as he tries to figure out how to play with this baby goat.

Have you ever had a friend as a child who was overly enthusiastic but did not know their own size or strength?The puppy in this video is that.The goat doesn’t know what to do because he has too much energy to use up.

The young goat appears to be thinking, “I’m four days old,” at times.I’d like to make it at least to day five…” It wasn’t the dog’s fault;He’s just friendly and eager to please.Throughout the video, I can see inside the mind of the dog.

He seems to be thinking, “THIS IS SO COOL! ” every few seconds.FRIEND NEW!FRIEND NEW!YAY!It’s playtime!It’s time to go!Oh no, this location is too small!Time to have fun!

He gets up, sniffs the baby goat, and runs around the fenced-in area a few times. His momentum even caused him to once slide into the goat.

In a much larger setting, where the goat might be able to take a break for a few minutes, I hope that the two of them become friends.

These two brand-new friends are hilarious, no?They definitely have a lot of energy; if only we could put that in a bottle and sell it.

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