This is Earl, the sweet little lamb who looks like a panda bear


There are some animals that are just too cute the way they are.Anything from kittens to cats to squirrels to rabbits. They are adorable on their own.

However, there is something about an adorable animal that resembles another adorable animal that makes me smile.

You can see a lamb that is gaining a lot of popularity at a zoo because of the unusual pattern in his fur in the video we shared below.Due to his unique panda markings, he has charmed a lot of Staten Island Zoo visitors.

Earl is his name, and now that he’s known as the “pandalamb,” he’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. His birth was posted on the zoo’s Facebook page, and ever since, his fame has only increased.

He enjoys playing in the sun, chewing on toys, posing for pictures, and, of course, sleeping, according to his caregivers.

They have also confirmed that he is not the result of difficult breeding or gene manipulation, as some have suggested, but rather a naturally adorable lamb.

In the video that is embedded below, you can see him for yourself.Isn’t he just adorable?I adore Earl’s popularity, and he certainly appears to be quite the ham about it as well.He knows how adorable he is.

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