As a mom finds out that her kids were rude to the bus driver, she comes up with the “incredible punishment” to teach them a lesson


Choosing how to discipline your children can be challenging.Finding a just punishment that teaches the right lesson without being cruel is difficult.In addition, you must deal with other people’s ideas and perspectives.

This mother in Ontario, Canada, devised a novel method of punishment for her two sons when they behaved badly on the bus.However, opinions about social media varied.

In 2018, a school in a small town in Western Ontario, Canada, sent a note to a mom complaining about her boys’ behavior.Their behavior on the school bus was more important than their behavior in the classroom.

The school informed her that her boys had been acting badly on the bus.Worse, they had both been impolite to the bus driver.

The mother could not comprehend how her boys could behave in that manner.She wanted them to realize that being rude is never acceptable and to stop being rude.

She wanted to ensure that they were aware of the consequences of their actions. The school was about four and a half miles (roughly seven kilometers) away from where the family lived.

Mom was aware that her boys would be permanently removed from the bus if they continued to behave in this manner.

Before that happened, she decided that she would demonstrate to them what life would be like if they were unable to take the school bus every day.

After that, she informed her two young sons that the following day, they would walk to school.every one of the 7.2 kilometers.

She woke them up early the following morning, wrapped herself and the boys, and they went for a walk.
Before they started their hike, she took a picture of the boys holding a sign.

“We were bad and rude to our bus driver” is written on the sign.We are being walked by Mom.She wrote about the reasons she chose that punishment and posted that picture on her Facebook page.

The post received a lot of comments and quickly became popular. The mother received flattering remarks from numerous parents and others.

They believed that the boys would have gained insight and wisdom from the punishment.

According to the mother, her younger son had to walk it again the following day before he really got it, while her older son only needed to walk it once to learn it.

However, some individuals criticized the mother.However, the majority of people didn’t criticize her for the punishment itself.

Instead, they told her that posting it online was wrong. They claimed that it was an attempt to shame the boys and was neither beneficial nor helpful to them.

“I don’t want to judge or pretend to know all the details of this parent’s situation, but it’s something to think about when we think about putting signs on kids that say what the bad behavior is and putting them in a position where you can take their picture and put it on social media,” said Tina Gatt, manager of community outreach for the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society.

We, not just Children’s Aid, would be concerned if children were shamed.As adults, it ought to worry us as well.”

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