This fisherman could find his pup after it had gone missing in the sea


Alfonse Attard, a fisherman from Australia, once took his canine, a Jack Russell, out to sea to have some great time in the water.

Attard and his pup were thrown into the water when the boat capsized while they were still inside because the water started to leak.

Trever Borg and his dad Laurie, 2 additional fishermen, noticed Attard and decided to help him when they noticed him in the middle of nowhere.

They were lucky enough to be able to rescue him on land, but once he arrived, he began to panic and told them about his pup, who had been his best friend for almost 18 years.

The water officer and Altona Life rescuing company sent more volunteers into the sea to continue the searches for Jack, the dog.The puppy was inside the boat when 1 of the volunteers flipped it over.

After about an hour of effort, he was able to rescue the pet.Following that, the pup was returned to his older handler, a touching reunion for all parties including.

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